How will savvy brands use mobile marketing to take advantage of the FIFA World Cup?

Author: Martin Wilson The mobile marketing opportunity around the 2010 World Cup is without a doubt going to be significant. The interest that a global event of this nature will attract is just massive. There will be a huge desire to feed on content and services linked to the event, whether football or location related. […]

Mobile advertising – why is mobile so different?

Author: Martin Wilson It ticks so many boxes. Consider the audience. In nearly every country in Europe and around the world mobile has mass penetration. Usage of mobile services continues to see rapid growth in line with our every increasing appetite for information.   Mobile has the ability to get closer to the point of purchase […]

Mobile advertising – what’s it worth?

Author: Martin Wilson Despite so much doom and gloom about local advertising in general – across newspapers, direct mail, TV, radio, yellow pages, outdoor, magazines and fixed online – collectively forecast by BIA Financial Network (BIA), parent of the Kelsey Group, to decline to $144.4 billion by 2013 from $155 billion last year.  The decline […]

Mobile content reformatting

At Indigo 102 we fully support the efforts of Luca Passani and the Rules for Responsible Reformatting: A Developer Manifesto Martin Wilson Managing Director Indigo 102

Local mobile search: Directories vs Google

Directory Publishers Can Beat Google & Co. To Lead In Local Mobile Search & Services If They Provide Actionable Answers Published: May 2008 Author: Martin Wilson In-Brief: Directory publishers are better positioned to deliver compelling location-based information and services than rival portal providers and search engines. At first glance it may appear that the nimble […]

Why Indigo 102?

Published 1st June I have been asked many times why Indigo 102 as a name. I tend to answer why not? The first myth is no I am not aspiring to be a DJ and open a new radio station. So why Indigo 102? Indigo has always been a great colour and represents a level of […]