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Three times more consumers browse the web from a BlackBerry than an iPhone

Published 8th September According to statistics released by Bango, BlackBerry is now the third most popular mobile phone for browsing the web in the USA, accounting for 14% of all mobile traffic. BlackBerry is also placed fifth in the UK and worldwide, above all Apple iPhones, with Nokia remaining the overall global leader with over 36% of traffic seen. Once…

10 things you absolutely have to know about mobile applications right now!!

Published 7th September I have just been sent over a list of the top 10 things you need to know about mobile applications, compiled by the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau). I believe they are spot on and typically what I preach as such I felt the need to share: 1. Only do apps when you need more. Compared to browsing, mobile apps offer a…

Mobile content reformatting

At Indigo 102 we fully support the efforts of Luca Passani and the Rules for Responsible Reformatting: A Developer Manifesto Martin Wilson Managing Director Indigo 102 Please follow and like us: